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C3 JAPANESE SCHOOL (hereinafter C3) now provides a new internet service which enables students who do not live within the vicinity of a Japanese school, or cannot attend classes due to time constraints to take WEB lessons via Skype. The content that is taught in our WEB lessons is limited, however. For example, some written and writing kanji tests are unavailable. We appreciate your understanding. WEB lessons are essentially conversation based classes. We reserve the right to refuse to teach certain content through our online lessons. Again, we thank you for your understanding.

You are able to take WEB lessons overseas. However, the service is intended for foreigners who are currently residing in Japan. For example, if the person who pays for each lesson is currently in Japan one is able to take our WEB lesson overseas. Furthermore, you are also able to pay for these lessons using Paypal (All you pay are low transaction fee to payments.). In such instances, monthly tuition payments, payment rules, and lesson times shall be dealt with based on Japanese currency, laws and local times respectively. Students who are currently overseas will be treated in the same way as a student currently in Japan.

Both group and private lessons are available through C3’s WEB lessons.

We ask that all students open a Skype account and either set-up a web camera or use a computer with an internal web camera. If you are unable to comply you will not be able to take our WEB lessons. However, there are some group lessons in which a web camera is not required. In these circumstances, you are able to take the class with or without a camera.

enrollment fee 5000yen

You will receive an e-mail within several days of accepting the terms and conditions in this contract. Please transfer your enrollment fee and the first two months tuition fee into C3’s bank account within one week of receiving this e-mail. C3 asks all of its new students to send the tuition fee for the initial and second months in one lump payment. Your second month’s tuition fee shall always be kept as your deposit after each payment.

You must pay for each lesson before C3’s final business day two months prior to date from which you would like to take your lessons. E.g. Please transfer the tuition fee for April to the designated bank account before 3pm on C3’s final business day in February.

Under no circumstances will C3 refund your enrollment fee or your tuition after it has been paid.

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