Studying Japanese at C3 is always fun and interesting. It can be difficult to study kanji via Skype, but Skype lessons are great because you can study from the comfort of your own home!



I studied at C3 for 4 years? Maybe 5 years...I don't remember. Time flies when you are having fun! The lessons were so relaxed and enjoyable that the years flew by as my Japanese skills increased. Because I was a private student, I took advantage of doing both free talk and a book lesson (free talk more often than not). Every lesson was filled with laughter. Also, in doing the lessons through Skype, I didn't have to worry about leaving the apartment on a super cold day. I could just relax in my room as the lesson came to me. I loved EVERY minute of it! As for the icing on the cake, Chicaco sensei is the BEST!! She is SO friendly and hilariously entertaining that you almost forget that you are actually taking a lesson. My rhythm, intonation, and vocabulary greatly improved because of my lessons. Overall, if you are looking for a cool, relaxed, enjoyable, and beneficial lessons, C3 is the place for you!



I joined C3 for two years and I had a lot of fun in learning Japanese. I found Chicaco sensei very friendly and can understand the difficulty in learning Japanese from foreigner’s point of view. She makes all lessons interesting, fun and motivating. In addition, learning Japanese by using Skype is very effective. I used it to focus on my speaking and listening skills. I could receive immediate feedback and suggestions from Chicaco sensei. Learning materials can be received via email and reviewed online. And most importantly, with Skype, I didn’t have to travel and I could do it in the comfort of my home.



Thank you very much for being such a great help to me in my Japanese study. you've been a very patient insrtranctor and also very good at what you do.



I just wanted to thank you for being a great teacher! And of course a wonderful person as well. I'm go gland I took liz up n her recommendation. I7ve really enjoyed your classes. Ialways looked forward to Japanese calss. You really are a talented teacher.



Thank you for the last two years. I feel like I learned a lot from you and Japan. Studying at C3 has always been fun and comfortable, except when I have hangovers! i will keep studyng Japanese and try to pass level 2.